Simple Analog 2 coming along…

Screen Shot
A tiny bit of the application code







Things are going smoothly – I now am supporting the new iPad’s retina display. It’s a little odd to see the same clock on an iPad, so I will need to make some additional modifications to the hands of the clock as well as the graphic representing the face of the clock.

Once I nail this down the rest should flow pretty freely and I’ll be able to roll this up into a application submission.

Have I ever mentioned my distinct appreciation for Xcode? I see it get bashed fairly regularly for some things, but I find it really nice. I don’t push the boundaries as far as other developers, I’ll give you that.

2 thoughts on “Simple Analog 2 coming along…

  1. Good to read that a new version is being developed.
    Hope it will continue to support the iPhone 3G (iOS 4.2.1) as well. My daughter loves the app as much as I do and we both would like to use the latest version of the app.

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