Two years…


It’s difficult to believe that it’s 2020 already – and that it’s been about two years since I’ve posted anything new here. Analog III was released so long ago, but I still see that it gets about 35 downloads a week without any advertising or marketing whatsoever.

Analog IV? I doubt it.

Analog III does what it was meant to do. It could have far better icon support, better faces, more faces, etc. But it has served the public for free for over two years now. And that’s pretty good. I do plan on going the SwiftUI route in the near future with some different types of applications. More as proof of concept – but also providing good utility while allowing me to spread my wings a little more.

WordPress? It’s for the birds. It’s pretty easy to implement, but it’s slow. There is something to be said for static site generation and how quickly it renders. John Sundell has a great system he has open-sourced and I am thinking of going all-in with that solution. Design is nice, and I can create CSS templates to deploy for that.

We’ll see what happens.

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