Simple Analog. Site changes.

Hard WorkSimple Analog

is an application that I made ages ago when I wanted to create a decent analog clock that I wanted to use myself. I released it, made a few changes, received a few comments, and mentally put that app out to pasture. It had some things that didn’t work perfectly, but it did it’s job.

I then started to get some feedback about days of the week being rendered incorrectly in various parts of the world Time went by and then recently I started to get some more feedback.  By this time I’ve acquired a new iPad with it’s insane retina display, my Touch and iPhone have retina displays… why not update the application to support these new breed of devices?

That’s what I am setting out to do. However, I will be releasing this as a NEW application. The current Simple Analog will die on the vine and will no longer be supported. I’ve learned a lot since I put that thing out and I want to release a universal application that will support a broad range of devices. I will be using a settings bundle, revise to support retina displays, and refine the UI presentation overall.

Site changes

Finally. I have never been pleased with the design of this application support site. I needed something in place and I found a few free WordPress themes and just used one. While it worked, it didn’t represent me or my work very well. Cluttered. It’s something I try to avoid in my life and in my code.

While I am still not completely happy with this current new theme, it’s closer to something that’s elegant and provides enough content to be useful. The commenting system employed looks very cluttered and is something I’ll probably swap out for something that is more simple in appearance.

I don’t have a lot of extra time to spend on this stuff, so I don’t have a time table for when changes might be complete. For now it’s an ongoing pursuit. I hope you’ll find the patience we both might share.

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