Analog2 Submitted

Well, not without a few snags. I had distribution certificate issues galore, but after some hair pulling, lots of googling, a restart and a few other things (interrupted by strawberry pie), I finally linked my developer and distribution stuff together.

No idea how that happened. I then was able to properly sign the application and submit it.

However, my bundle ID is missing the name of the application! In my haste to park the app in Connect, I entered the app’s bundle ID minus it’s name. So now it’s just a generic bundle ID. I couldn’t change it because once it’s set up, the only option is to use it or delete it from Connect and you can’t use the name again.

Oh well… I hope that it gets approved and works well. In the Organizer the app is listed without an icon which is strange. Anyway… I got it finished before 4:30 PM on a Friday so that I wouldn’t need to worry too much about it come the weekend.

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