Simple Analog

Supported: iOS 3.2.1 or later
Current Version: 1.3 (will jump to 1.6 upon approval – submitted Sep 7, 2011)
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Simple Analog is an iOS application that displays a local clock using analog hands and not cyphers. It will also display the day of the week and optionally the month at a glance. You may set the display to never sleep. Tap the clock face to cycle through the various display options available. When you leave the application, it will remember the last visual clock display and use that. It supports landscape and portrait modes for display. There are currently no alarm features for this application, keeping it simple.

In case you might be wondering, this application was first submitted to Apple Inc. on December 18th, 2009 and it was approved on December 22nd, 2009.

Some reviews of the application.

Analog Clock Review (v1.3)
May 10, 2010 – SimpleAnalog
Great analog clock….. full sceen….. easily seen. Also has calendar.

nice, elegant, simple (v1.3)
August 8, 2011 – Bhnu
Straightforward. Alarms would be even better.

Clean, simple, easy to read!!!
January 5, 2010 – domedary32
Best display I’ve seen so far. Clean and easy to read. Lacks customizations, but hopefully that would come in an update. Would be nice to include options for date, and a month calendar, to be displayed underneath the clock.

25 thoughts on “Simple Analog

  1. This is a simple test of the new commenting system. Feel free to leave comments or suggestions here.

    Based on a request, I submitted an update to Apple in order for the application to remember the clock face display when you leave the application. This was submitted on Sep 7, 2011. So you should get an update notification sometime in the near future after it's been approved.

  2. Hi,

    I like the ‘Clean’ appearance of the app but can you correct the Day Of The Week which show a day behind for me in the UK, e.g. currently it’s 9:40 on TUES 20 Sept 2011, while the app does show the correct time and date the week day, incorrectly, shows MONDAY not Tuesday.

    Thanks Dick Bailey

      1. Hello, I would like to congratulate you for your app, but I also wanted to report the problem about the day of the week (I’m an Italian user).

  3. Today is the 23.10.2011, a real sunday and not saturday.

    Please tell that to your beautiful clock.

    Thank you!


  4. Thanks for the superb app.
    Encounter the same problem as Peter: My week starts on Monday not Sunday, but the display is one day behind (so it shows Sunday when it is Monday, Monday when it is Tuesday and so forth…)
    Thanks again

  5. Hi,

    Nice utility, the only problem is day of the week. Instead of Saturday, December 10th it shows Friday….

    But very nice clock.

  6. Your clock is wonderful, but the red handle doesn't show any more. Besides, I have the day-lag problem too. When for me, it's Sunday, for the clock it's Saturday. I live in the North of France. Thank you for correcting the technical mishaps.

    1. Tap the face for different views, some of which include the seconds hand. As soon as I'm back to work I will work on signing issue and get the new binary out.Sent from my iPhone

  7. A great looking clock!
    Too bad the settings are still not remembered in version 1.6. I have a iPhone 3G and 4S. Both have the bug. I prefer the clock without date and calendar info, but it always restarts with them. And indeed, my day is one day off.
    I would be willing to pay for this clock if these bugs are fixed.

  8. I have begun work on an update – which will really be a new application so it's universal (iPhones non-retina & retina, iPad non-retina and retina). I just started so give me a little time. I'll take out some of the fluff, give you a little more control for display & settings, etc.

  9. No worries. New site theme being used and I already coded up the iPhone/Touch retina support. I am re-coding the engine to make it better. Next up is iPad stuff and then I think I\’ll release this as a NEW application (universal).

    What version iOS are you cats running right now?

  10. Thanks for the response.

    My daughter is running iOS 4.2.1 (iPhone 3G)

    My wife is using iOS 5.1 (iPhone 4)

    I am running iOS 5.1 (iPhone 4S)

    1. I can probably make it work backwards for several revisions of iOS. Right now I am struggling with my distribution certificate – it\’s all set for submission, I just need to create the proper build 🙂

      Tested on all sorts of devices. It\’s decent yet simple for a 1.0 release with options to add requested features back in there.

  11. Your effort is very much appreciated.
    Again, personally, I would be willing to pay for the App. Good products deserve a token of appreciation for the effort which has been put into it 🙂

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